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    Jewels for a Graceful Autumn

    Along with the crisp turn in the air, fall foliage season is always a much anticipated time of year.

    October 14th, 2021


    The sheer saturation and variety of colors that blanket the Northeast serves as a bevy of inspiration. Mish, the king of color, has a creative design approach that puts the featured stones of the season front and center, and allows their warm autumnal glow in the low sunlight.

    It’s not just the warm hues of the seasonal change that inspire Mish, but the ability to harness some of natural gemstones’ eccentricities. Consider the Pavé Dome Earclips in agate that read more like a miniature landscape painting of Mish’s beloved Colorado mountains. The slices seem almost impossible not to be man made – but rest assured these stones are natural wonders, sliced with surgical precision to display a work of art.

    Then, too, is the Twig Neckwire & Pendant showcasing a more than 50-million-year-old ammonite fossil with a swirling shell pattern pendent from Mish’s signature etched twig designed gold hardware.

    It should be noted that the beauty of this specific color palette is that it compliments cooler shades to yield a more modern result.

    The Fireleaf Golden Coral Necklace  ~ a statement in itself ~ pairs back beautifully when styled alongside the turquoise or moonstone beads. Or even when worn alone, the substantial beads glow as though they have flickering embers inside and create a warmth and unexpected decadence to a look. There is a similar harnessing of light in Mish’s Polychrome Tourmaline Ring – the stone changes color with the light, being vibrant orange in one moment and a soft brown the next. The transformative color of the stone makes it as if the wearer has multiple rings, rather than one. As always, Mish’s mounting brings the most amount of light possible into the setting, letting the stone shine in its natural radiance.

    There is no shortage of impressive stones that warrant this season’s pedestal, but it’s not just about what meets the eye.

    The Twig Agate Necklace complex and dynamic in its color and dimension, is also a metaphor for the newly needed “layer.” An extra bit of coverage on a cooler day – the comfort of a piece that hugs you around the neck. Shall we say, our version of cozy?



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