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    Jewels with Joy: Opals

    It’s no wonder Mish is drawn to opals – their technicolor radiance and chameleon-like qualities are bursting with optimism and inspiration, much like the designer himself. The way that Mish works with these sought-after, semi-precious gemstones, is much like an artist’s palette; getting deep into the study of color and proportion. Thus, the awe-inspiring opal pieces peppered throughout many of Mish’s collections are evidence that opals are difficult stones to pin down, and creatively define. This, of course, is what makes them ripe for Mish’s design process – a fresh page for each unique stone allows Mish to bring out the magical qualities with unique pairings that only he does so well.

    October 4th, 2021


    When picturing an opal, many imagine a kaleidoscope of color.

    This otherworldly stone – and October’s birthstone – has many iterations depending on where in the world it’s found. Sometimes a mix of greens and blue, otherwise lighter pinks and orange. Regardless, each opal seems to have an inner light that makes the stone glow as it moves.

    The cerulean blue of the Peruvian opals in Mish’s Xanadu Earrings bring to mind birdseye pictures of the Caribbean ocean. There are waves of movement and hints of sandy brown rippling through. The sparkling blue topaz studs from which the opals drop add even more depth to the bright blue, and the yellow gold setting adds warmth like a slice of sunshine hitting the stone.

    Boulder opal is formed from volcanic pressure resulting in a stone with swirls of emerald green, indigo, and earth tones with rebellious hints of neon orange sprinkled throughout.

    “Everytime you look at the stone, a new shade or color emerges depending on the light and shadow,” Mish muses.

    “It is so magical in that sense and is why I fell in love with this remarkable stone at the gem show.” And for that, Mish took a singular approach when designing for this stone: a dusting of brown diamonds circle the perimeter of the stone and bring a bright opalescence to the centerpiece of the brooch, which features striations of red, the most highly prized color in opals. The contrast of elements that are in turn complimentary are indicative of Mish’s overall approach to design.

    Mish’s Constellation Bracelet features 36 strands of tiny, pink opal beads scattered with soft pink freshwater pearls. Together, they yield a depth and delight with bright pink thread woven through to add another dimension of color. The piece, anchored with Mish’s signature textured yellow gold twig hook and eye toggle closure, is as perfect with a cocktail dress as it is with a crisp linen shirt, iced tea in hand.



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