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    A Love Affair With Pearls

    Explore Mish’s most beloved gemstones

    The refinement, polish, and simplicity of pearls have called to Mish since he started designing jewelry. It’s these qualities that yield prime real estate in jewelry boxes of all ages and kinds of women. A ceremonial gift for young women just the same as a favorite piece decades in and out. 

    Mish’s love of pearls perforates through his collections: a bracelet with eight dangling Baroque South Sea cultured pearls that are held delicately in 18k yellow gold caps pavéd with diamonds, spectacular white South Sea cultured pearls held in beautiful bell-shaped caps set with exquisite diamond pavé and multi-strand keshi pearls spun into a sublime necklace all define Mish’s esteemed aesthetic. These sea-born gems are as much of a cornerstone in Mish’s work as is his use of color – which is purposeful, while remaining delicate and varied. When designing pearl jewelry, Mish’s imagination takes hold as he transforms the beloved and approachable gem into a creation to be coveted. 

    June 14th, 2021


    A Pearl By Any Other Name

    Tahitian Pearls: Their name is derived from their natural habitat in French Polynesia. These organic gems are often described as black, but typically range in color from dark charcoal to pistachio green.

    South Sea Pearls: Formed in warm saltwater regions, these pearls are the most valuable of the gemstone.  Due to their long incubation period in temperate waters, these pearls elicit a soft, creamy luminescence that represent a regal attitude. 

    Keshi Pearls: Petite pearls made entirely of nacre, the strong, iridescent composite material found inside a shell. The term Keshi is derived from the Japanese word for poppy. Tiny but mighty.

    Baroque Pearls: Asymmetrical pearls, each with their own unique shape and personality. The baroque pearl gets its name from the Portuguese word, borroco, meaning imperfect. Perfectly, imperfect, we would say. 

    Mish’s Fireleaf Pearl necklace elicits a majestic quality that is quintessential to Mish’s work. At over 82” in length, the pink cultured pearl necklace can be worn draped down the body or wrapped 5-times around for a higher sitting silhouette. And yet, Mish is simultaneously drawn to the pearl’s simplicity. “They are so beautiful, so luminescent and I’ve always loved the fact that they come from nature.” Mish proves the journey from sea to style is one of elegance. 



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