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    Key to My Heart Cufflinks in White Coral

    White coral and 18k yellow gold.  The hand-carved coral hearts in a warm & creamy shade of white are beautifully bezel set in gold mounts. The charming cufflink backs are heart-shaped domes with realistic keyhole openings which are wonderfully detailed on the reverse with a grille of tiny scattered hearts. Satin finish with polished highlights.

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    Key to My Heart Cufflinks

    I love designing whimsical cufflinks that make you feel happy when you put them on. Always a fun conversation starter, I think cufflinks become a talisman for the gentleman who is wearing them. My 'Key to My Heart' cufflinks are truly charming while still being elegant and chic. The delightful button backs have a keyhole detail so that only you know who has the true key to your heart. ~ Mish




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