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    Bountiful Blooms

    In those first warm days of spring, the bursting buds of flowers usher in the hope of a new season.

    March 15th, 2022


    Mish’s love of flowers and nature translates to creations that make it feel like springtime year-round, especially when you take a moment to admire the blooms.

    The bold, pavéd diamond Nigella flower station bracelet works as well on the golf course as it does layered with other gold bracelets. In true Mish fashion, attention is paid to every detail as with the intricate pavé flower closure at the end of the delicate chain—giving something to look at whichever way the wrist is facing.

    Consider, also, the beautiful green in these hydrangea ball drop earrings which feature sizeable peridot drops that evoke luscious, fresh blades of green grass. The vivid green is offset by a border of brown diamonds that bring even more light and sparkle to the stones. Like the stem of your favorite flower, these green earrings work with any color of the rainbow.

    Flowers in jewelry can be impactful in even the most delicate form, like these pearl drops on Mish’s Strawberry Flowers Charm Necklace. Each pearl, be it Tahitian or South Sea, is capped with a yellow gold strawberry flower that makes the pearls look like sparkling buds on a vine. The Makena Strawberry Flower Tassel Earclips will no doubt help you swing into spring…the super chic tassel earrings with multi-strands of pink graduated, cultured freshwater pearls are capped with Mish’s wonderful strawberry flowers, a subtle nod to the beautiful bloom.

    If gardening isn’t for you, fear not. These jewels picked fresh from our garden will have your jewelry box blooming in no time.



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