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    Mish Fine Jewelry

    Why Knot? Pearl Tassel Lariat

    Pearl, lapis & 18k yellow gold. This is a truly spectacular piece! One long strand of lustrous and  beautiful Tahitian pearls with multi grey hues is adorned with two sumptuous tassel ends. Each tassel is composed of 20 perfectly graduated strands of Tahitian keshi pearls and faceted lapis beads and capped with Mish’s beautiful gold rope coil cap. This versatile necklace can be worn in a variety of ways including tripled around the neck as a choker, looped like a scarf, or worn down the back.

    Overall length approximately 68″. Tassel ends approximately 4″ long. Necklace pearls approximately 10.5mm to 12mm

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    Why Knot? Collection

    Why Knot? is an expansive new collection that reimagines knotted ropes in stylish, playful, and luxurious ways. This beautiful lariat with spectacular pearls and gold coil rope details is no exception!




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