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    mish_products_earrings_StrawFlwr-Tiny Diam-Stud-ER-1
    mish_products_earrings_StrawFlwr-Tiny Diam-Stud-ER-1
    Mish Fine Jewelry

    Strawberry Flower Stud Earrings in Tiny Size

    18k yellow gold and diamond. Our tiny-sized strawberry flower stud earring set with a burnished diamond at the flower’s center. Satin finish with delicately polished highlights. Post with clutch back.


    Approximate size 6.85mm or 0.27″
    Diamond weight approximately 0.02ct.
    Diamond sizes 1.2mm


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    mish_products_earrings_StrawFlwr-Lg BrwnDiam-Stud-Editorial-1

    The Strawberry Flower Collection

    Mish has always had a deep interest and attraction in finding beauty in something humble. Closely examining something simple and realizing that it has its own magnificence. He feels this way about the strawberry plant and its beautiful blossoms. This entire collection has an intrinsic feeling of feminine and delicate beauty.



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