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    Sea Urchin Drop Earrings in Agate

    18k yellow gold, brown diamond & agate. Mish’s beautifully detailed earclips feature a delightful and realistic interpretation of a sea urchin as the top, with a faceted brown diamond set at its center. The mesmerizing oval-shaped agate drops are set in a delicate gold bezel and display a range of neutral hues of cream and ochre with chic chocolate brown plumes and patterning throughout. Satin finish with polished highlights. Posts may be added in the future if desired.

    Approximate overall length 50.8mm or 2.25″ and width 31.75mm or 1.25″.


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    Mish often describes certain captivating agates as resembling "little landscapes." These chic earrings are true works of art!



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