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    For the Love of Palm Beach

    Mish’s Vibrant New Turquoise Cabana Bracelet Celebrates His Love of the Seashore, and His New Palm Beach Home

    December 9th, 2021


    A walk on the beach for Mish Tworkowski is like a treasure hunt.

    Whether he’s strolling the sandy white shores of Hawaii, Mustique, or Florida, the legendary jewelry designer combs the sand for shells and sea life that inspire his colorfully whimsical and iconic designs.

    In celebration of his move to Palm Beach, which is one of his longtime favorite destinations by the sea, Mish commissioned master craftsmen in Torre del Greco near Naples, Italy to carve his favorite shells and sea creatures into vibrant turquoise charms. It’s the second time the designer has reissued his iconic Cabana Charm bracelet, which was created in a warm gold and diamond version, and a bright coral style. Remade in brilliant blue turquoise, the new bracelet pays homage to Palm Beach’s mesmerizing blue waters, sun-drenched shores, and colorful flora and fauna.

    The Cabana Charm bracelet is created with the world’s most exceptional and rare turquoise. “I wanted the purest blue turquoise without any matrix or veining,” explains Mish, whose passion for extraordinary stones is uncompromising. He spent more than decade collecting the most coveted turquoise specimens at gem fairs and from multi-generational European stone dealers, and today that quality of stones is almost impossible to find.

    The one-of-a-kind Turquoise Cabana Bracelet features 15 hand-carved nautilus, scallop and conch shells, and starfish charms. They are set in gold with a sprinkling of diamonds on a luxurious handmade 18k gold rope chain with Mish’s signature toggle closure, and the reverse side features finely detailed gold grilles.

    A percentage of the sale of the Turquoise Cabana Bracelet will go to the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach, which Mish has generously supported through the years. Amanda Skier, President and CEO of the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach, notes: “We are delighted for Mish to breathe new life into the entrance of Phipps Plaza. A fitting location for his new Studio, Phipps Plaza has been the locale for architects, designers and artisans since its inception. Mish’s enduring support for our mission has been a constant for our organization over the years. By choosing to open his Studio in this charming historic district he reaffirms his commitment to celebrating the place that makes Palm Beach special.”



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