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    Mish Fine Jewelry

    Makena Banded Drop Earclips in Cuprite and Chrysocolla

    Tahitian cultured pearls, cuprite in chrysocolla and pink diamond set in 18k rose gold. Striking brown-hued pearl button tops are surrounded with fine, soft pink diamond pavé. Suspended, are elongated tear-drop shaped stones in a stunning combination of deep copper-red cuprite and bright turquoise-green chrysocolla, each crowned with rose gold caps banded with three perfect rows of pink diamond pavé. Posts may be added to earrings in the future if desired.

    Approximate overall length 64mm or 2.52″. Cuprite in chrysocolla weight approximately 90.7ct with stone sizes 42mm x 22.5mm x 5mm. Pearl size approximately 12mm x 11mm x 5.5mm. Pink diamond weight approximately 0.79ct


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    The Makena Collection

    Mish is always drawn to incorporating unique and special stones in his designs to create a true work of art! He is a huge fan of pure, beautiful color, particularly saturated hues like this naturally occurring and amazing combination of cuprite in chrysocolla, which is also called 'Sonoran Sunset' for its likeness to a desert sunset.




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